Personal Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle and Tracking and Driver Monitoring

GPS vehicle tracking is your connection with your vehicle while you're not driving it. With using DP:Tracking car tracking systems you can get real-time updates on your vehicle locations and driver statuses through your computer or from your mobile phone. With the right GPS tracker, you'll keep your mind at rest.

Our web based GPS platform is designed to be intuitive and simple-to-use. Our system provides visibility and control over mobile assets, cars, vans, trucks and coaches; helping to better monitor and secure your assets while boosting productivity.

The Benefits of GPS vehicle monitoring

  • Real-time monitoring of your vehicle
  • Security for your vehicle
  • Find your vehicle is stolen
  • Keep an eye on teen drivers
  • Generate alerts for speeding
  • Be alerted on unauthorised usage
  • Monitor driving habits

The DP:Tracking platform is far more than a simple track-and-locate system, but tracks, locates, traces, monitors, runs tests, understands driver behavior and reports. Helping you to achieve your objectives with our platform and hardware is our promise to you.