Why GPS track your assets?

Do you want to ensure that your business is as productive as it can be to maximise your profits?

I have the solution for you, and not just one solution but a number of options when it comes to GPS vehicle tracking for your business.

Some owners worry that it could be seen as a sign of distrust of their employees, but you should not get too caught up in that, because it just makes business sense to protect your assets. Not only that but you can use it to identify top performing employees and install a reward system that motivates them to buy in to the structure and want to optimise their work.

You can think of it as being on a par with insurance, or you could consider that sometimes you have to spend money to make money, but I’m happy to present you with even more reasons to get on the technology train if you are a business owner. If you own a business where you employ any kind of driver this can be beneficial to you.

Tracking systems ensure that your employees are more productive, and more importantly than that- they are more likely to drive safely. You will be a mere click away from a tool that alerts you to an employee that exceeds the speed limit that is therefore putting safety, and your brand, at risk. This will also allow you to minimise your fuel costs, because you will know if a driver is speeding, idling too long or using your asset for unauthorised purposes. Not just that, but you can keep track of your vehicles, so in an emergency situation you can ensure that assistance is provided to your drivers immediately.

So, your employees are driving safely, you have maximised your fuel efficiency and you have a team that is fully focussed on providing the results required to optimise your profits. Is there anything else?

Well, since you asked…

Your vehicles are a bit more protected from theft, because in the event of one of your vehicles being stolen the ability to track it is tantamount to ensuring it’s quickly recovered.

There’s also that added incentive of using this tool to lower your operational costs. You’ve already improved your fuel efficiency and safety, but now you can look at the routes your drivers are using and ensure that they are the more efficient available. You will also have a clear visibility of the hours your drivers are submitting for time worked.

If all of this hasn’t sold you yet, I can tell you even more.

As a business owner one of your traits is likely that you like to be in control and that’s natural, further than that it’s probably what has made you the success you are today. Well, employing our gadgets provides you with that, because it puts you right in the driving seat. You have a helicopter view of everything that is going on in your business on a daily basis, beyond that… a minute by minute basis. It provides you with notifications regarding traffic, diversions and accidents and allows that information to be communicated to your drivers, ensuring that only the most effective routes are used.

In an age when customers want everything yesterday, we can provide you with the tools to ensure that those expectations are met. So, whether you own a fleet of limousines, a chain of restaurants, or a contracting business we can help you optimise your productivity, maximise your profits and ensure your teams are providing the first class service your customers demand.