GPS Tracking & Temperature Monitoring

Hot and Cold tracking for Your Mobile Assets

DP:Tracking offers temperature monitoring and GPS tracking systems which are not only accurate and real-time, but cost effective and cloud based. The GPS temperature monitors live location, speed, movement, ignition status, idling and the temperature in degrees celsius.

Temperature Monitoring

Perishable goods being transported require constant monitoring and maintenance to ensure proper delivery and to maintain standards. Monitor your mobile fridges and refridgerated trucks in real-time from your desktop or from you mobile phone, generate historic reports.

Some features of GPS fleet monitoring

  • Stolen Vehicle Support
  • Daily health checks
  • Time based monitoring
  • Event based monitoring
  • Advanced dashboards
  • Automated Alerts on entering or existing specified areas
  • Customisable alert rules
  • Customisable user levels
  • Desktop and Mobile access
  • Comprehensive support levels and packages
  • Save money
  • Ensure constant temperatures