Taxi GPS Tracking and Management

Secure your taxi and cab assets

Enhance productivity and profitability by upgrading your taxi management and operation tools. The DP:Tracking GPS Taxi software is fully web-based, working from both computer and mobile. It provides capabilities such as computerized dispatch, job lists, booking taking interfaces, GPS vehicle tracking. the best tools to ensure and help you take more fares with less effort.

Tracking solution for Taxi Companies

With DP:Tracking you can constantly monitor your taxi fleet in real time. This will enable you to optimise passenger waiting times, and bring to your attention unoccupied vehicles. With the Dazzle Panel GPS tracking and taxi system, taxi companies such as yours can increase customer satisfaction, save time and money, while increasing profits. Additional benefits to using our GPS services and platforms are that you will be improving your drivers' and fleet security by making use of configurable alarms, identifying drivers and trace back issues and accidents using historic reports.