Rental Vehicle Monitoring and Security

Secure your rental mobile assets

Running a rental car business can be at times very frustrating and problematic. We're talking about the numerous times the vehicle was parked in places which took you hours of walking around to find, fuel tanks left not fully refilled, and those times you found scratches, hits or the car was in an accident. What about lost keys?

GPS tracking and management for rental cars is becoming a growing concern. Using DP:Tracking GPS software solutions, which are all web-based and available on both mobile and desktop, your worries are over, while also improving your rental fleet management and reducing operation costs.

Rental Car Keyless Authentication

Part of the DP:Tracking software and hardware solution enables you to provide your clients with only a disposable identification button or card. Removing the risk of providing the car keys and having them lost. by having such control for identification, you can control when and at what times the vehicle can be switched on or off, limiting the time of usage, and ensuring better use of your assets.

Bookings and Job Lists

At Dazzle Panel, we have our own in-house built booking and CRM system, which integrates with GPS tracking. Take bookings and automatically schedule activation and deactivation of identification keys.