What makes DP:Tracking the right choice?

DP:Tracking provides you with the most feature-rich, frequently updated, most affordable vhicle tracking and fleet management services. We make ourselves fully available for our clients, providing them with constant support, feedback and a friendly relationship.

We are the only GPS service provider constantly seeking our client's feedback, implementing their feature requests within a good time frame and not giving any false promises. Our interface is constantly being tweaked to ensure the user friendlyness, adapting to our user's changing needs, and to helping them to expand, grow their fleet and improve their operations efficiency.

DP:Tracking monitors your engine status, ignition on or off status, while analysing the vehicle's voltages and battery power voltage. We are able to provide predictive maintenance needs, pin point bad driving behavior, alert you on over speeding, and help you to reduce unnecessary fuel wasting.

With DP:Tracking we enable you to create your own service reminders and maintenance alerts. Create your own mileage notifications, odometer based services alert, and log the vehicle's service history.

At a glance

  • Free equipment leasing with 3 years airtime
  • 100% cloud based with nothing to install
  • Powerful, easy-to-use features
  • Adapting to your growing business
  • Free feature updates
  • Use from any computer, tablet or smart-phone
  • 100% fully supported and managed from Dazzle Panel