Getting started with GPS tracking solutions

With DP:Tracking solutions you can view and follow, track and trace all your assets and vehicles in real-time with any web browser, being mobile, tablet or desktop and laptop. We will send you emails or SMSs when something important happens, or when your drivers break company set rules. Receive your usage reports, track history and statistics by scheduled emails, and show visited street repots on a map.

How DP:Tracking GPS monitoring works

Starting up with our vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions couldn't be easier. Of course the first step is choosing DP:Tracking as your GPS fleet-tracking software provider. Just after that, consider the following key points:

  1. What type of vehicle information do you want to track?
  2. How would you best describe your business? (your industry)
  3. Are you planning to buy or lease your GPS fleet tracking solution?
  4. How many vehicles do you have in your fleet?
  5. Do you need driver information such as driver identification?

Once you have answered the above, you've got most of the planning done, and finding the best solution is easier. Send these over to, and we'll guide you through the next steps ourselves.

How does GPS fleet tracking work?

GPS asset tracking software requires one of our approved vehicle tracker devices to be installed by our approved auto-electricians. Once this is installed, the service is activated by our personnel and connected to our back office. The service is powered by GSM and telematic sim cards. By making use of GPS (Global Positioning System), the satellites feed the asset vehicle locator with the real-time location of the asset on the live map. These geo-coordinates are sent as part of the information we collect to our GPS tracking platform over the GSM internet connection. This gives users access to a live feed with real-time updates, a live map and alerts.

What Capabilities does the DP:Tracking GPS server platform provide?

  • Customizable alert system sending notifications via text and email when rules are broken by the driver or the asset.
  • Our tracking interface with live maps is very easy to use while providing you with all the needed features and tools to operate and manage your fleet
  • Having a good signal is what makes a GPS software good and effective. 
  • Mobile access is today's most essential feature for when you're out of the office

But what about comparing prices of other suppliers?

While checking and comparing, keep in mind that you shouldn't choose your GPS tracking solution based on the price. You need the right tools to operate your business effectively and to help you with your business challenges. Choose the right GPS tracking company that will be a long-term partner for your live data and location intelligence, not just a partner who finds your vehicles and stops there.

Fleet management systems need to offer a variety of features, offer you support, customisations, mobile access and a good signal. With Dazzle Panel you know you don't have to worry and you've got the best solution available.