GPS Fleet Tracking

Be Live for Real-Time Results

With GPS Fleet Tracking you're connected to your vehicles and assets at any moment of any day. Get real-time updates on your vehicles' locations, driver statuses, speeds and driver behaviour. Monitor travel times and fuel use and take advantage of the DP:Tracking tools to see where you can improve your business operations and reduce your fleet costs. With our GPS software, you will see dramatic results. Using GPS fleet tracking services helps you make informed decisions and improve the efficiency of your fleet, meaning you'll be saving time, reducing fuel costs all while increasing customer satisfaction.

What do you get with a GPS DP:Tracking fleet package?

When subscribing with Dazzle Panel for GPS tracking services, our customers are provided access to our online web GPS tracking application where they can monitor their vehicles and their drivers in real-time, view maps and generated detailed reports. Our customers can access their fleet data from wherever they are. 

Some features of GPS fleet monitoring

  • Stolen Vehicle Support
  • Daily health checks
  • Time based monitoring
  • Event based monitoring
  • Advanced dashboards
  • Automated Alerts on entering or existing specified areas
  • Customisable alert rules
  • Customisable user levels
  • Desktop and Mobile access
  • Comprehensive support levels and packages

The DP:Tracking platform is highly configurable, modular and scalable. We have a wide range of hardware, accessories and options to address a variety of different needs. We are able to cater for any type of vehicle, being a car, van, coach or commercial vehicle - fleets of all sizes.