GPS Fleet Management

Manage and Operate your fleet wisely

Communication and collaboration tools are necessary for effective fleet management. Being a fleet manager or operator, you know how essential it is to keep an eye on your garage inventory, know where your vehicles are, remaining informed of next service checks, while logging the history of each time the vehicle is in the garage. Doing all this while in a garage, might make it problematic to input the data and log the service on a computer each time. With Dazzle Panel fleet management platform, you can work from anywhere, together, and smarter. Our software apps are all web-based, and work on both desktop and mobile.

Advanced Fleet Management

  • Increase profitability and save money
  • Reduce fuel costs
  • Track and trace services and logs
  • Calculate Cost per KM
  • Monitor and track in real-time
  • Generate historic GPS reports
  • Monitor various sensors on vehicles
  • Customisable rules and alerts
  • Mobile access
  • Real-time speeds
  • Driver monitoring and driver identification

The DP:Tracking platform is far more than a simple track-and-trace system, but tracks, locates, traces, monitors, runs tests, understands driver behavior and reports. Helping you to achieve your objectives with our platform and hardware is our promise to you.