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Quality is at the heart of everything we do, which is why we like to keep our team small. It ensures we are made up of associates that are full of passion and dedication, which is why our company is highly efficient and incredibly productive. It allows us to maintain our focus to continue progressing our products and delivering a high standard of work. We care about what we do, and more importantly we care about what you do, too.

We are a reputable brand that is committed to providing you with both the highest level of service and the products that meet your exact requirements.

Dazzle Panel was founded as a software house, in 2010 as a branch of Shanelty Ltd, and initially we aimed to provide our range of local customers with custom web solutions.

The brainchild of CEO, Christopher Bartolo, this company truly provides a service that businesses had been crying out for. Bartolo was working as a freelancer, whilst studying at the University of Malta, and took on numerous projects which led to local companies and even foreign companies outsourcing their development to him. He provided one of his clients with an Intelligent Bus System that was so impressive that the client started showing it to other business owners in the transport industry. This led to Dazzle Panel branching out and we launched a successful GPS telematics solution at the end of 2011. The services on offer were a GPS vehicle tracking system, fleet management, and automatic vehicle location and employee identification. It grew as quickly as our customer satisfaction ratings and within just a few months a number of local vehicles were already subscribed and reaping the benefits of our service and our customer base continues to grow.

Our systems at Dazzle Panel can be used across a number of industries including public transport, school transport, taxis and cabs, and food deliveries. It is ideal for small and medium sized enterprises and one of our biggest selling points is a mix and match on available products, where you can pick exactly what you need for your business from what we have on offer, which means you aren’t stuck with something that does not work for your business.