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Hi! Are you here because you think you need GPS vehicle tracking? Maybe you need to optimise your bussiness with a CRM or booking system? Or your drivers are driving you nuts?! Don't know where to start? Then you’ve come to the right place.

As any fleet operator knows, any minute a mobile asset is operating you are incurring costs. With a simple login into DP:Tracking, you are able to

  • view GPS real-time vehicle tracking,
  • find actual asset position,
  • monitor speed tracking,
  • and receive service reminders and maintenance reports.

Together, these enable you to run your operations as smoothly as possible.Learn More: The case for GPS tracking solutions

dp tracking device

GPS Tracking Devices

The DP: Tracking platform supports different device manufacturers and models, giving you the potential to mix-and-match between features, functions and services. It also provides optional accessories such as driver identification, temperature sensors, fuel tracking and monitoring. Learn More: GPS devices

GPS Tracking Software

Now you can manage your entire fleet using a single platform. DP: Tracking is a web based platform you can easily access from any internet enabled device. Manage your fleet, track your vehicles, monitor your drivers and see all your asset information just by signing in. Use it to make wiser, better-informed, and more cost-efficient business decisions to your advantage. Learn More: Tracking Software

Easy car tracking and fleet management
  • Fleet tracking solutions
    DP: Fleet is the ideal solution for fleet managers and operators. Through DP: Fleet, fleet operators can track maintenance activity, log costs, record issues and supervise workflows. Learn More
  • Comprehensive reporting
    DP:Tracking offers clear and concise fleet reporting. These provide a very informative overview of vehicle performance data helping you to better manage your fleet.
  • Hands on management
    With our real time dashboard, fully view your mobile assets statistcs and performance. View the idling time, driving time, and total off duration, while also analysing driver behavior.

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Boost company productivity

DP:Tracking fuel monitoring

Real time data

The tracking of your vehicles and mobile assets gives you a clear picture of how your potential profits are being spent. Thanks to such information, you'll reduce your daily costs, increase productivity while improving the public perception of your company altogether.
DP:Tracking fuel monitoring

Fuel consumption

Fuel level and fuel consumption monitoring will help you keep track of costly vehicles, fuel theft and instantaneous consumption.
GPS tracking software speeds and alerts

Over speeding

Our vehicle tracking tools provide you with easy ways to monitor your driver's driving behaviour. We generate events based on over speeding, drammatic increase of speed, and sudden turning and braking.
GPS tracking software speeds and alerts

Vehicle and asset monitoring like never before

The DP:Tracking asset monitoring solution has been developed and maintained in-house by Dazzle Panel since 2010. We boast a large number of clients who use our GPS tracking platform and GPS trackers for taxi and cab companies, school transport tracking and monitoring, coach and bus tracking, employee tracking and mobile assets. Other uses include those of personal tracking, used for children tracking and elderly people tracking with SOS buttons.

Why choose DP:Tracking for GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management?

Blazingly fast GPS tracking


Our applications run at top speed! You can monitor, run and manage reports simultaneously from a single screen, so everything is just a tap or a click away. Besides, with real-time GPS Tracking this fast, it's hard to say no!
Blazingly fast GPS tracking

Free & unlimited updates

Our development team frequently releases system-wide updates, for all the clients to benefit from.
Secure GPS tracking in real time

Extra Secure

Our GPS tracking devices are installed discreetly so as to make them less easily seen or physically reached. Most devices have internal antennas, meaning that the vehicles' interior is completely wire-free! Our systems are also guarded with a great deal of security, so the safety of your data should be the last thing on your mind at all times.
GPS tracking with alerts and warnings

Speed Alerts and warnings

You can set up your own custom settings for speed alerts, geo zone alerts, and more. This way, you'll be immediately notified whenever a certain vehicle starts, over speeds or when it exits the assigned area.
We work hard to ensure that our GPS management applications run at the highest speed. You don’t need to worry about only running one report at a time, you can have multiple reports running simultaneously from the same screen, and you are literally just a click away.

We don’t charge you for updates to the GPS system, our team works hard to constantly improve our systems and these updates are available to all of our clients to benefit from.

We pride ourselves in discreetly installed GPS devices. They are not easy to see, and they’re not easy to physically reach. You don’t need to worry about the safety of your data either as we ensure our systems are well guarded.

Our GPS systems are fully customisable, you can choose what alerts you set for your fleet. If you want to set up speed alerts and zone alerts you can, if you want to prioritise the tracking of a particular vehicle you can.

DP:Tracking is more than just the average GPS tracking platform. Our tools can be used for so much more than just your business needs. You can also use our services for personal tracking, for children and elderly people with SOS buttons. If you have a family member that is extremely vulnerable (for instance: suffers from dementia and wanders off, or perhaps has a learning difficulty) it can be an added stress on top of an already demanding situation. Our GPS products can offer you some piece of mind by ensuring that you know exactly where your at risk family member is.
With DP:Tracking, you are always 

hands on

, monitoring your vehicles and mobile assets 24/7, while also relying on our reporting tools and alerting systems so that you are always aware of anything that is going on. Also you don't need to worry! We'll provide you with all the hands on training to help you get started. The first point to start off from is accessing our 


portal with your username and password. That simple!
Get your hands on it!